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[MQ] diRPG | Meet up in the woods by FeatherCandy [MQ] diRPG | Meet up in the woods by FeatherCandy
[MQ] diRPG | Forest play<- Before || Next ->[MQ] diRPG | Welcome to the Darkness


Now that you’ve chosen to travel to the forest, you need to decide which direction you’re going to go. You are currently situated on the largest Isle, North-West on the map. Which direction will you head to, this determines your story line!

A] North
B] East
Arrow left by Drawn-MarioC] South
D] West

Small continuation from this -> [E] diRPG | Catch and Release Event and this [E] diRPG | Catch and Release Event

After a long talk with the black mare and the small assistance of Sobek, Kashmir decided to go back to Belle, she was snoozing in the woods, and he met a young energetic mare on the way. Bit of chit chat but he didn’t know yet is she was interested in joining in the “gang” or not. He came back to the white mare poking her shoulder a bit to wake her up.

“Now who is the one being tired?”

The mare quickly lifted her head and tail up, acting as she didn’t sleep at all.

“I was bored waiting what were you doing?”

“There are people nearby with a herd of horses so I thought I could convince one of them to move with us, don’t think it worked out but oh well” The stallion grabbed some grass and started chewing on it, later to hear a talk coming from bushes, with the noise of hooves stomping.

He looked in that direction seeing the Tovero mare he met a couple of minutes ago and smiled.

“Well look who’s here. I thought you were busier running around” he chuckled.

The tovero mare smiled cheerfully, then noticing the white gal.

“oh my god you didn’t tell me you had company! I thought you were alone and it would be boring and dangerous and and”

Kashmir pulled his ears back, still smiling.

“Calm down. This is Belle, she’s been traveling with me, erm.. since yesterday? Belle, this is Heather she is one of the mares kept close to people, but seems like not anymore” He gave her a slight grin keeping his head up.

Heather smiled, later on to add:

“Well yeah not anymore, but as well there is someone else looking for you, she says you were talking to her soooo”

Kashmir got interested at this point.

“You mean the black mare?”

“Yeah Lila, she said she wanted to join in” With that there could be heard hooves in the background and moving bushes, like a small tank moving everything to the side.

“Oh there you areee” The sweet black mare finally came over. “I did think about your offer sir for some time, and yes. It would be better to be free, and my foal to grow up as a wild horse” She gave the stallion a warm smile, seeing her herd friend Heather over here, she felt safe already. The white mare quickly introduced herself at this point so everyone knew each other.

Belle was smiling from ear to ear.

“The herd is growing!” She cheered, later on looking at the stallion and pushed him with her hip.

“I didn’t know you were such a womanizer Kashmirrrrrrr” She grinned.

The blood bay pulled his ears down a bit confused and flustered.

“Not womanizer, I told you already a herd is a goal for me, and you seem to like company so I do take care of others… erm”

All the mares had a bit of a chuckle at the stallion. He was very kind, but seemed a little awkward when it came to anything such as a flirt or a suggestive joke.

“Only the guilty one explains himself” Belle laughed, pulling his mane a bit.

“Alright, alright calm down. If we have everyone then we can finally move on, I did mention we will travel a lot. Will you be fine with that Lila?” Kashmir looked at the pregnant mare, she sure looked like a bit of a slowdown.

“I’ll be fine, I can trot behind you guys but small breaks will be good” She smiled kindly.

Kashmir simply started walking down south.

“Well we can move on, I want to see the mountains here. As well good to actually move in a group. But I can see you ladies having a lot of time chatting with each other”

Of course he didn’t even have to wait for a response, the mares were already taken away by a conversation, including travels, stallions, and simply getting to know each other. All three going slowly behind the Lead stallion. 

678 words

refs : 
Arabian horse VII by lovergil
Freejumping Championship 2014_71 by CalyHoney
Dapple Gray Thoroughbred Mare by HorseStockPhotos
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